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Well, our nerves supply the signals necessary for the formation and development of our new baby and it is crucial that our baby gets optimal growth and nerve messages while in the womb. 

Misalignments of the spine or what we call Vertebral Subluxations put ​tension and irritation on the spinal cord and nerves which interfere with it's proper function. The role of the Chiropractor is to remove these Subluxation so that mom and baby can function at their highest potential at all stages of life. Before pregnancy, during pregnancy & labor, as well as for their future health. 

Not  only are the nerves affected when a Subluxation of the spine is present but also the entire bio-mechanics and structure of the musculoskeletal system as well. Since we have ligaments, tendons and muscles attached to the vertebrae and pelvis of the spine. These structures also become affected when the spine is not balanced. 

For example, the round ligament that is attached to the uterus and pelvis. If the Pelvis and sacrum are not aligned this can affect the tension of the ligament on one or both sides. Leading to Ligament pain and or discomfort. A Subluxation of the spine and pelvis can also affect the opening of the pelvis when it comes time to deliver baby.  Which can make for a really hard and long delivery process if the spine and pelvis are not balanced.


Why would an infant or child need to see A Chiropractor?

Infants and children are no different than adults. They still have a spine and nervous system that must be working optimally. Although, they are still developing and growing, which makes it even more crucial to have their spine checked as early as possible. To ensure proper development for their body and immune health.

Now  you may be thinking what can cause them to Subluxate (misalign) in the first place, right? Well, as an infant the labor and delivery process in itself is traumatic and stressful on the babies neck and spine. Depending on the head and face presentation while in the womb, they may be in an extended neck position or during labor they may present ear or shoulder first. Putting a lot of strain on the upper spine. Not only does the position of the baby play a role, but also how they were delivered. 

Whether, they were delivered vaginally or via a C-section. The pulling on the babies head and neck can add 70-90 pounds of pressure on the baby's spine. We are talking about unformed bones that are being strained and stretched. This can definitely cause subluxations of the spine in that infant from birth. Which can lead to many neurological, immune and or developmental dysfunction as they grow.

Once they start walking there are other ways they can become Subluxated. By falling on their bottom or bumping their head, while learning to walk. Even being involved in a car accident with mom or dad affects their spine and Nervous System as well. Therefore, the earlier kids get their spine checked and corrected the better their future health will be. We have checked and adjusted infants as earlier as a few hours old.

The adjustment of the spine itself consists of holding light pressure with the middle or pinky finger on the vertebrae (bones) that are subluxated. That releases irritation to their spinal cord and nerves. It doesn't take much force and most children enjoy being adjusted.

Ideally, going to a Chiropractor for maintenance through out a life time for parents and children is the key to sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

     Chiropractor in Tampa

Chiropractor in Tampa

Learn the signs for children and infants

Is your infant or child dealing with: Colic, Ear aches, sleeping difficulties, neck pain, problems latching while breast feeding, torticollis, head tilted, asthma, excessive spitting or vomiting, constipation, decreased immune system, shakes/tremors and or had a recent fall?

These symptoms can be signs that their spine and nervous system are being affected due to a Vertebral Subluxation.  If so, request an appointment for your child today to ensure that they are developing at their optimal potential.

Chiropractor in Tampa

Chiropractor in Tampa

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"Since starting care only 2 months in, I have not taken a single pain pill, the acid reflux that I suffered with for 10 years subsided and I no longer need daily medication for it or for my allergies.  These positive changes have given me a sense of freedom that I did not have before.”    - Courtney Satterfield

Hip pain & Interrupted sleep

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“After staring care, I noticed more range of motion in my neck, no more pain and my whole body just felt better. I was sleeping better and felt good physically and mentally. I used to take melatonin to sleep at night, but since I have been getting care I do not need to anymore. I also no longer get headaches and have not had any balance issues."    - Javier Cabral

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"Dr. Miranda and staff are such a very unique caring bunch and the very best what they do! Dr. Miranda is a mindful individual who listens to your concerns and needs, gives you the best possible educational advice and I love that about her. She has improved my quality of life tremendously in such a short period I will never be able to repay her! She is truly a specialist in her field of Cervical Spinal Care!" - Deborah M. Hoback

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