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Good News!! Essence of Life Spinal Care is now accepting new patients.

 In most cases, patients can be seen on the same day. Our team understands the stress involved when pain and illness are present in our lives. For that reason we make sure we take our time to analyze, diagnose, and create an individualized care plan for your specific condition(s). Getting the proper care so you can  start feeling better again. 

We will thoroughly explain our procedures, care plans and have several financial options available for every situation.

At Essence of Life Spinal Care we work closely with medical doctors and other specialists to help people recover from pain and illness through Chiropractic care, nutrition and exercise.  

Please take a few moments to browse through our website to learn more about Upper Cervical Chiropractic and what Chiropractors do. You can also  find out more about how spinal health effects your general health by reading our articles, research and viewing our videos.


Consultation, Spinal & Neurological Exam ,Thermographic scan & referral for X-Rays, if necessary.


X-Ray Review, Function assessment and First spinal correction.


Follow up after 1st correction to track progress and another correction will be applied today, if needed.


Report of best recommendations to heal and feel better the quickest. 



What people are saying about their experience

5 star Chiropractic reviews in Tampa

TMJ & Digestive Issues

"Since starting care only 2 months in, I have not taken a single pain pill, the acid reflux that I suffered with for 10 years subsided and I no longer need daily medication for it or for my allergies.  These positive changes have given me a sense of freedom that I did not have before.”    - Courtney Satterfield

Hip pain & Interrupted sleep

"My pain got so bad, I had to go to the emergency room, but nothing helped. Since starting care I am now able to be more active, have better sleep, no pain, better sinuses, better balance and is able to stand for long periods of time at work without any issues." - Kai Barnes

Anxiety & Headaches

"I have more energy, more flexibility and easier movements.  My health has drastically improved and I no longer need to take Tylenol or anxiety medication like before. I am able to work and play without having to take breaks. My function has improved and I am able to concentrate better without the pain my body was in before."  - Melissa Leinweber

Dizziness, Migraines & Mental Fog

"This care allowed me to have fun with my baby again, think clearly, and have more energy to chase my daughter around or play dress up." - Darlene Witham

Neck pain & Balance Issues

“After staring care, I noticed more range of motion in my neck, no more pain and my whole body just felt better. I was sleeping better and felt good physically and mentally. I used to take melatonin to sleep at night, but since I have been getting care I do not need to anymore. I also no longer get headaches and have not had any balance issues."    - Javier Cabral

Low back pain

"Dr. Miranda and staff are such a very unique caring bunch and the very best what they do! Dr. Miranda is a mindful individual who listens to your concerns and needs, gives you the best possible educational advice and I love that about her. She has improved my quality of life tremendously in such a short period I will never be able to repay her! She is truly a specialist in her field of Cervical Spinal Care!" - Deborah M. Hoback

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