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Why self-manipulation or "back cracking" is not chiropractic

In this video Dr. Miranda explains why you may feel the need to adjust your spine. Why even though it may give you temporarily relief , self-manipulation does not remove the cause of the problem and how this can potentially lead to future health issues.

Anxiety, Depression & Heart Palpitations - Success Story

Check out this great video of Clay sharing his amazing healing journey with us. We appreciate the boldness of sharing his emotional and mental struggles & how he overcame them under Upper Cervical care.

Is body imbalance the cause of your health issues?

Check out this short video about body imbalance. Dr. Miranda discusses how it occurs, how it affects your posture, nervous system, discs/joints and how you can correct it.

Migraine, Back pain & Mental Fog - Success Story

Check out this awesome testimony from Darlene. Sharing her amazing healing journey and results under Upper Cervical Care!

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